Durahan is the elder brother of the Queen Conchiana, of the elvish kingdom of Golden Rose, as well as the half-brother of Blue Charleston . He was passed over for succession since he was away in a neighboring kingdom, training in a subservient role, and the throne was passed to his younger sister. He greatly resembles his sister in appearance, and has been a body double for her on multiple occasions. 

During the founding of Wayland, Durahan accompanied the leaders of the group of exiles to the site of their future settlement. This was in exchange for Magnus Godrikson being held hostage. 

During Wayland's first anniversary festival, Conchiana left with Vladimars, leaving Durahan to take her place. He won the beauty contest in her name. While acting as the body double for his sister, he was invited to chat with Levy Soulsworn. She placed a Helm of Opposite Alignment on his head, thinking that he was Conchiana. Levy did not discover his identity, and it is unknown whether Conchiana suspects a change in alignment in Durahan.