Delvin Egmeyer was part of the original group of exiles. He was a former bandit who worked his way up and became the head bodyguard for a noble, whom he later killed. It is said that this murder was born out of an act of love. At some point, he attracted two spineless men whom he bossed around.

History Edit

After the group of exiles made it out of the badlands at the end of day three, the group discussed the need for leadership. Delvin insisted that he should be the leader, and objected to the choice of Levy and Artemis Soulsworn as leaders of the group. However, due to the party's extreme reaction against his claim to leadership, Delvin backed down. He left the group that night, and his location was currently unknown for a time.

There was later a report of three bandits plaguing the countryside, and it is speculated that this could have been Delvin and his two friends.

Later on, Delvin and his lackeys attacked Wayland and killed several guards. The party responded by following his tracks, killing his lackeys, and then slaying him.

Trivia Edit

Delvin Egmeyer's name was inspired by the food Deviled Eggs. This moniker is used by many players to refer to him.