Skinny, tall, pointy ears, blond hair, fanciful robes. Carries hand crossbow and a couple of bolts. Seems trustworthy to us. Says the green lands are elven territory. He used to be part of a party of adventurers, and eventually became a guide through the Badlands. On the day after we came through the portal, Bruno introduced us to him as our guide through the badlands and green lands after we left the Portal Castle.

Several party members began to suspect that Davick was actually a Drow. Reasons for this included the fact that he carried a Drow crossbow and not a bow, and because he knew his way around the badlands. After being confronted by some unfriendly members of the party, Davick continued to guide the group of exiles. Davick helped the party fight off the Drow when they were ambushed. After the party got out of the badlands, he demanded payment. He said that normally, he would charge 5 gp per person, but for this group, he would just ask 100 gp for the entire group. Though several party members wished to not pay, the group did eventually pay him his requested amount.

Controversy Edit

In his original description, Davick was described as having greasy black hair. In his more recent description and on his character token, he is described as having blond hair.

Due to the fact that he carries a Drow crossbow instead of a normal bow, several party members have expressed a suspicion that he himself is a Drow, and they expected him to betray the party. Though there was indeed an ambush by Drow, he helped fight off the attackers with lethal force.