Danny is a former slave who acted as a noble servant in Tolernt City until it was destroyed and its slaves were freed by the Wayland army on Arodus 22nd, 2 KE.

Description Edit

Danny is an elderly human male, and is 64 years old as of Rova, 2 KE. He is typically soft-spoken, but knows when to speak up for himself. He has no children.

History Edit

After Tolernt City was sacked and its slaves were freed, Danny scavenged what remained of his master's house and took it to Wayland. He has been regarded as a free man in Wayland, but he still has no family name to pass on, nor any heirs.

On the 27th of Rova, the Wayland council received a letter from Danny requesting that he be granted a title of nobility. On the 4th of Lamashan, 2 KE, Danny came to the council in person to get an answer for his request.

Following Danny's soft-spoken and mild-mannered request to the council, Magister Nendir Mithmiras challenged Danny's leadership ability, asking him how he would put down a rebellion, implying that Danny was too weak to punish disobedience. After briefly examining Artemis' expression, Danny replied that he actually had been involved in handling rebellions, and asked Nendir if he himself had dealt with any rebellions. Nendir acknowledged that he had not, but insisted that he understood how to deal with them.

The council declined to make any immediate decision in the matter, but told Danny that he would need to have a heir if he were to be granted land a title of nobility. The council recommended adopting a child.

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