Crusader Town is an underground tent-city which is predominantly inhabited by mongrelmen. Visitors from Crusader Town made contact with Wayland following the Pugwampi Genocide. The inhabitants were part of the original elven army dispatched to eradicate the pugwampis over a hundred years before the founding of Wayland. They made camp underground and gradually transformed into mongrelmen by an uncertain process.

Wayland has since built a road to Crusader Town and established trade with its populace. With the road in place, the trip between the two settlements is about a day on foot.

Population Edit

Crusader Town has a population in the hundreds.

Economy Edit

Crusader Town's main industry is in mining ore, gems, and valuable stone. It imports food and finished goods from Wayland and exports the ore, gems, and valuable stone back to Wayland.

Military Edit

Crusader Town has at least one legion which it calls The Hunting Legion, consisting of 100 mongrelmen. This legion sent a five-person scout team to Wayland after monsters flowed deeper into the underground and a trickle of water from the surface started flowing into their cavern.

Religion Edit

The citizens of Crusader Town worship angels rather than the 'Saints' or the 'virtues.'

History Edit

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Crusader Town sent a messenger to Wayland to warn that many of their citizens had gone mad and begun attacking everyone else.

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