Background Edit

On Lamashan 15th, 2 KE, Jerry Redcap teleported to Nendir's home in Wayland and informed him that some of the Council leaders had become corrupted by Ronan and had killed seven other council leaders. He added that the bridge to the Council had been destroyed and that the waters of the Council Lake were extremely dangerous. He told Nendir, and later the Wayland Council, that Queen Conchiana was calling in her favor, and asking Wayland to go and help the Council.

Vladimars teleported several Wayland denizens to the Council.

Rescue Edit

Levy Highmore Soulsworn, Alvir Sevardsson, Beowulf, Lo Wang, Yvandir Vythari, Qadir Moonheart, Danr Grundrsson, Taubern, and Malaka were responsible for the initial incursion into the capitol building of the Council. Malaka sat outside the front door in a construct to guard against possible escape attempts, while the others flew or were carried up to the roof to infiltrate from the back of the building. Taubern stayed on the roof while the rest descended into the building. They first fought some invisible stalkers, and then they discovered Varin, who had been corrupted by Ronan. The party defeated him and his constructs with the help of Vladimars. They then fought against the security forces of the Council, who had mistaken them for intruders.

The party discovered Baylife, who told the party where the spellbooks of the other council members were. The party also rescued two more wizards, though they were actually disguised swarms of vermin. The party was at a loss as to how to combat them, and were driven back. They retreated outside of the building and recouped until the next day. Israfel was used to ferry Qadir's tiger and Rupert Giles to the Council.

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