The Cobalt Guard is an order of paladins in Wayland established by Artemis Soulsworn.

Members Edit

  • Gunther Black. Commander of the guard. Tall, with dark skin, and never seen in public without long sleeves to conceal the numerous scars which marred his upper body. Very serious while on duty.
  • Hector. Member of the Cobalt Guard and occasional tamer of horses.
  • Crablaw. Very tall mongrelman from Crusader Town. Grotesque appearance, has a trogdolyte eye which can see in darkness, and a crab-like pincer arm. Has a strong sense of justice.
  • Welda. Halfling. Wields a longbow. Not as attentive as the others.
  • Farlas Fawnspot. Scrawny elf. Former worshipper of the vices, now very serious.
  • Uncle Carl. Second-in-command. Gray beginning to show in his hair. Respected as an adviser among the Cobalt Guard.
  • Gorbez One-Tusk. Possibly the most passionate and serious among the group.

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