Ovrul fireplace

Ovrul Griv sitting in front of a fireplace in Castle Den.

Castle Den is the base of operation for the Grey Wolves. It is located within the city walls of Wayland at the northeastern corner of the Old District. The castle's walls merge with the city walls at the corner.

Design Edit

The castle was designed by Ovrul Griv and Magnus Godrikson. It has a fortified and lead-lined war room which allows for military planning to be done without the risk of hostile forces scrying on the discussions.

Construction Edit

Construction was funded partially by a donation of 4,500 gp from the party, and partially by a donation of 1,000 gp from Magnus. The castle was built by Ovrul's stonemasons. Leftover money was used to hire and train the castle guards, known as the Grey Wolves.

Usage Edit

Magnus and Ovrul live at the castle. When private discussions are needed, Wayland's leaders visit to use the castle war room. Recently, Magnus has also had leftover goods from Godrikson Alchemy stored in the castle for secure keeping at night.

Operation Edit

The gate is kept closed by default. The castle maintains two guards on duty at every corner of the walls at all times. In addition, a two-guard patrol regularly searches the castle for intruders, and stands in for the guards on duty, giving them occasional breaks to eat and rest before returning to guard duty. Two guards man the gatehouse at all times as well. Other than the leadership of Wayland, visitors are allowed into the castle only with written permission and a scheduled time to arrive.

The castle guards work eight-hour shifts, and work five days per week. The guards have quarters in the castle for resting and generally store their equipment in the castle armory when they are off-duty.

History Edit

Work started on Castle Den on Rova 23rd, 1 KE, and construction finished on Neth 28th, 1 KE. It was initially staffed by basic guards, but it had a full complement of 10 laborers and 50 elite guards and archers by Abadius 2nd, 2 KE.