CC59 Underground is the hex containing the caverns directly beneath Wayland. It contains a quarry and a road between Wayland and Crusader Town.

History Edit

On Neth 22nd, 1 KE, Wayland wiped out most of the inhabitants of the cavern, particularly the pugwampis, in what was called the Pugwampi Genocide.

On Neth 26th, a scout team of Crusader Town's Hunting Legion made it to the surface and told us that monsters had been driven deeper underground. They also noticed some treasure in the caverns on their way to us, but were unable to reach it due to the monsters.

On Neth 28th, an expedition from Wayland ventured into the caverns with the scout team and made contact with Crusader Town two days later.

On Desnus 2nd, 2 KE, Ovrul Griv hired a team of adventurers to go into the caverns and recover the treasure that the scout team had discovered.

On Desnus 7th, 2 KE, Wayland's rulers went into the caves to kill a feral black dragon and claim its hoard. Magnus Godrikson landed the killing blow with the homing stick of burning.

On Kuthona 11th, 1 KE, Wayland claimed the caverns and began construction of an underground quarry and road through the hex. This connected Wayland to Crusader Town.

See also Edit

  • CC59 (the surface above this hex)

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