Blue Charleston was the NPC leader of a rebel faction in Golden Rose. He was an elf with blue hair.

Death Edit

Blue Charleston died of a gunshot wound on the 13th of Sarenith, 2 KE. He was shot by Edwin Greyscale. Edwin, Serras, and Envy (though we didn't know him in-character) brought Blue Charleston's body to Castle Den.

Near Golden Rose, Ovrul found a carriage riddled with arrows, the bodies of four Golden Rose guards, and the tracks of Conchiana and Durahan heading off towards the city, but no guard tracks accompanied them. Ovrul noticed that the guards appeared to have suffered wounds from channeled negative energy. Ovrul ordered his men to cover their tracks.

Under interrogation by Ovrul using Discern Lies, an elixir of truth, Zone of Truth, and sense motive, Edwin and Serras said that Envy, Charleston and Edwin came up with a plan. They intended to attack Conchiana while Charleston accompanied her and Durahan. Envy, Edwin and Serras were to attack Conchiana, but allow Blue Charleston to save her. Charleston was to kill Envy, and Envy would inhabit another person's body following this. The group was aware that Envy was a saint, and assumed Envy would inhabit the body of one of the guards, though they never discussed. The group planned to keep Conchiana alive, since Vladimars would inherit Golden Rose if she died.

The plan went awry when Edwin shot Blue Charleston in the head. Serras panicked and used negative energy to kill the guards. Conchiana and Durahan ran away. Edwin, Serras and Envy grabbed Charleston's body and returned to Wayland. They were arrested and interrogated.

(It is suspected that Envy was behind this idiotic plan, and intended to inhabit Charleston's body, get favor from Conchiana for saving her, and then challenge Conchiana for the throne.)