Axel is a demon hunter and purger of demon taint.

Description Edit

Axel wields a longsword and wears robes.

History Edit

On Arodus 22nd, 2 KE, the leaders of Wayland met Axel during the attack against Tolernt City. Axel appeared during the battle and starting running towards the keep, knocking everyone in his way unconscious. Our armies attacked him and he managed to pass through them entirely unscathed.

Axel was planning on killing the contract demon in the keep of Tolernt City, but arrived after Wayland had already defeated it. When he reached the party, Artemis and Alvir spoke with him.

When Axel learned that the leaders of Wayland knew of Ozreal's location, he advised us to either leave him alone or destroy him completely.

Following the battle, Axel spent three days purifying the city of the demonic taint while killing tainted goblins.

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