Artemis Soulsworn is an Aasimar paladin of Bahamut, and one of the original 500 exiles. He is the husband of Levy Highmore Soulsworn and currently leads the group of exiles along with his wife.

Description Edit

With a build as though he was carved from marble and perfectly perportioned with symetrical features and hair that turns silver in the moonlight. He also has platinum nails and his hands leave contrails as he moves them with his cloths and hair moving as though with the wind when there is none. His voice echoes dramatically when he speaks and his shadow has majestic angelic wings that spread when he tries to inspire or intimidate. With a blue and green eye he has a sweet scent at all times that comforts those in his presence when he is trying and calms those who seem in off sorts. When he is saddened by great tragedy he will cry multicolored tears ranging through the entire scope of the color spectrum.

History Edit

Artemis met Levy Highmore and became entranced with her red hair and her ability to work magic. His family offered a rather large dowry for her, and they have been living as a married couple. Artemis belongs to the order of knights known as the Lion's Blades, and was next in line for leadership of the order. However, when he heard of Msimangu forcing people into exile, he could not stand idly by, and so he volunteered to accompany the exiles trough the Portal.

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