Anfri Ironsand

Anfri, and his Glorious Beard.

Anfri Ironsand is a young dwarf Adventurer, and as devout a follower as Hanseath can have. He was among the initial group of 500 people to exiled through the Portal by Msimangu.

Appearance Edit

Short at 4', squat, and muscled at 160lbs, Anfri has brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, and with a beard he nearly trips over if left unbraided or bound. Though he does have more red in his hair and beard than most, he only claims that it gets him more action than most.

He wears a belt-buckle made with the symbol of Hanseath at all times, a golden beer mug, made of real gold, on black enamel. He bears this mark on his left bicep as well, personally marked by Hanseath.

Background Edit

Anfri is young, and doesn't have much history to speak of. When asked bout why he was exiled by Msimangu, he will simply blush a little and decline to comment.

Notable History Edit

At some point prior to his exile, within a temple of Hanseath, Anfri had fought off dark beer elementals with a straw at the behest of Hanseath himself. As a result, he was chosen by Hanseath, and named Pickle Knight, since the god had used a pickle as a mouthpiece to command Anfri.

After his exile, Anfri remained in the background of events until the caravan was waylaid by a Drow raiding party in a small pass in the badlands on Day 3. Using the enlarged Lyrith as a jumping-off point, the Dwarf dropped down upon one of their attackers and smashed his skull with his hammer. Shortly after, Lyrith launched him over the cliff wall onto one of the Drow as they fled, killing him as well.

Anfri was replaced by Arazmes as High Priest of Wayland because Arazmes was determined to be more suited for the duties.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Anfri was played by Tyler P, also known as General Buttercrust McTroutington III.